Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leah is 21 months old!

Oops - Leah actually turned 21 months a week ago. But I've been very neglectful of the blog lately. So here's a belated post.

Leah is doing great. She's quite a parrot. She will repeat almost anything you say...luckily I've been very careful about what I say! And she's speaking in longer and longer sentences. Although one of the newest is a bit confusing..."No I want it." She's been getting very good at saying, "I want it." And I can understand her logic. You can say more or no more. You can say book or no book. So she says "no I want it" instead of "I don't want it."

She had a bit of spill and scraped her knee and has been saying, "Leah boo boo hurt" - don't worry, it's really just a scrape. But it seems to have given her sympathy - she can relate to someone else's boo boo now and express, "Mommy boo boo hurt?"

We had a great time on Halloween. We hit the Brooklyn Heights Parade and the Dumbo Parents Organization event in the morning. Then we did some trick or treating in the afternoon on our way to and again after the Cobble Hill Parade. Leah got a bag full of candy. She loved the lollipop we let her eat on the way there, the Hershey mini she ate while trick or treating, and the Smarties she ate on the way home. And since then we've been giving her a piece of candy for dessert every other day or so. She didn't care for the Three Musketeers but everything else has been a hit so far.

Leah still loves bath time:
She plays dress up with Mommy's clothes:
She is getting very good at drinking out of a "big girl cup":
Her trampoline jumping is getting bigger...she really gets air now:
We went exploring on the High Line on a warm fall day - she loved looking down on the traffic:
Just like Mommy and Baba - Leah can now eat cereal for breakfast (although eggs are still the favorite):
And Leah's love affair with Avery still holds strong:
Leah the butterfly on Halloween:And just like she loves riding on Mommy's shoulders or Baba's shoulders, Elmo (shown here) and Baby like riding on Leah's shoulders: