Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lounging in the baby pool

With the beautiful Memorial Day weather, we decided it was time to break out the baby pool. It took awhile to fill - but Leah enjoyed helping with the filling - and then she loved playing in the pool. We invited her friend Malia to come join us since we were having so much fun.

We do have swim diapers and swimsuits for Leah...but we decided to go with the more spontaneous au natural look...and she loved running around naked.

Helping fill the pool:
Testing out the water...but not quite ready to sit in it:
Playing in the pool:
Coming back from a little kitchen play time:
Really loving the pool and toys and water:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to health

Leah had a stomach virus this week. Lots of changing of clothes and sheets and doing of laundry. Not fun for any of us. Her appetite isn't quite back to normal, but the vomiting and diarrhea have stopped. Shafi and I got very excited about Leah's solid poop this afternoon...ahh, the joys of parenting.

So not much to report this week other than that. Her vocabulary is growing incredibly fast these days. Not only does she repeat words well - we've been doing lots of please and thank you and things like that - but she's starting to say a new word every day or two. Some of the words are even useful - she has started asking for milk. Although that was not a good thing this week, since we took her off milk for a few days so as not to make the diarrhea worse. Friday she threw a 45 minute tantrum when I wouldn't give her milk...I had to take her out for a walk to calm her down. I think we may be in for a rough time with the terrible twos starting already.

Despite not feeling so great, we've been able to enjoy the park and playgrounds in the nice weather this week.

Leah showing off her belly button in Empire Fulton-Ferry State Park:
Exploring the turf in Cadman Plaza Park:
And the cement in Cadman Plaza Park:
Checking out the sand in the sandbox at the Chapin Playground: Taking a walk in the neighborhood:

Friday, May 15, 2009

A visit from GG

Leah's great grandmother (her mom's mom's mom - affectionately known to Leah as GG) came to visit this week. We got to show her the playground and spent lots of time playing at home. By yesterday Leah was walking up to GG and giving her hugs and kisses. And by this morning Leah was walking around looking for her and saying "GG GG GG." GG had lots of fun seeing Leah and I'm really glad Leah got to spend that time with her 83 year old great grandmother.

GG read to Leah:

And played with Leah's toys:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Leah is 15 months old!

Leah turned 15 months on Thursday and had her 15 month check-up on Friday. The 15 month birthday passed without much celebration. We did have a friend come over to play, but nothing else too exciting. The check-up went well. Leah got a couple of shots - but she handled them fairly well, as always.

She is now 33.5 inches tall - which is still in the >97th percentile. And she's 24 pounds 5 ounces - about the 75th percentile. So she still quite tall but well proportioned. The pediatrician said everything looked good. She's walking well - the pediatrician said she looked like she's been walking much longer than 3 weeks. And she's definitely ahead on her verbal skills - she did show off some singing (me, me, me, we, we, we) and saying her name and such for the doctor.

Leah and her friend Avery love getting together for playdates:

And giving hugs:

The diva in her hat:Playing with her friend Erica:

And reading books with my friend Jen (who knitted Leah the sweater she's wearing - a belated birthday present):

Friday, May 1, 2009

Molars molars molars

Leah's 10th tooth (bottom right molar) has broken the gums. Both bottom first molars are working their way in. Leah's definitely been feeling them - lots of interrupted sleep and some cranky periods during the day. But hopefully they're almost done and we'll get a break before the top molars or eye teeth come in.

Other than that, the only news is Leah's expanding vocabulary. Yesterday morning she came up to me and touched my nose and said "no-ose." It was very cute. I should probably spend more time working on body part words with her - she's definitely starting to get them down.

And I failed to report news from a week ago. Leah had her first kiss. Yep - she's obviously moving a bit fast on that track. She's very good at giving hugs and kisses. And at playgroup she and her friend Cooper were right in front of each other and sort of leaning in and I asked if she was giving Cooper kisses. Maybe that was the wrong thing to say - she leaned in and planted one right on the lips. Cooper gave a big smile...he obviously didn't mind Leah being his first kiss.

Didn't quite catch the magical moment on "film" - but Leah and Cooper were definitely staring lovingly into each others' eyes:
Enjoying a beatiful day at the park:
And another gorgeous day at the park:
And a nice day at the playground:
The weather cooled off a bit the last couple of days, but with her new straw hat, Leah is ready when the sun comes back out: