Friday, May 1, 2009

Molars molars molars

Leah's 10th tooth (bottom right molar) has broken the gums. Both bottom first molars are working their way in. Leah's definitely been feeling them - lots of interrupted sleep and some cranky periods during the day. But hopefully they're almost done and we'll get a break before the top molars or eye teeth come in.

Other than that, the only news is Leah's expanding vocabulary. Yesterday morning she came up to me and touched my nose and said "no-ose." It was very cute. I should probably spend more time working on body part words with her - she's definitely starting to get them down.

And I failed to report news from a week ago. Leah had her first kiss. Yep - she's obviously moving a bit fast on that track. She's very good at giving hugs and kisses. And at playgroup she and her friend Cooper were right in front of each other and sort of leaning in and I asked if she was giving Cooper kisses. Maybe that was the wrong thing to say - she leaned in and planted one right on the lips. Cooper gave a big smile...he obviously didn't mind Leah being his first kiss.

Didn't quite catch the magical moment on "film" - but Leah and Cooper were definitely staring lovingly into each others' eyes:
Enjoying a beatiful day at the park:
And another gorgeous day at the park:
And a nice day at the playground:
The weather cooled off a bit the last couple of days, but with her new straw hat, Leah is ready when the sun comes back out:

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