Sunday, December 28, 2008

Waving, clapping, dancing, finger walking

Yep - Leah has become quite the active little girl. She's getting really good at all sorts of movement and imitation. She started waving about a week ago. She'd done it a little bit before but not very consistently and we were never sure whether she was really getting the concept or just moving her hand. But last Sunday she most definitely waved at Patsy (the housekeeper who comes twice a month). And since then she's been waving quite a lot - at us, at random people on the subway, at people at nearby tables at restaurants. It's really a great addition to her social skills.

She loves to dance and frequently breaks into dance any time music comes on - from the radio, from one of her toys, from someone singing. She used to really just bop up and down a little bit but within the last few days she's added arm movement - arms up and out to the sides and a little shimmy.

And suddely within the last couple of weeks she's started to show an increasing interest in finger walking. She's getting pretty good at it, but her balance is definitely not that good - so she's not ready for solo walking yet. She's added some new sounds to her repertoire as well. And no matter what the sound, she does like to be heard and can be very very loud.

Leah has been enjoying Hanukkah. She's gotten a gift from us each night and she got 5 gifts from Grandma and Grandpa - the last of each to be opened tonight.

Leah likes Miss Monkey - especially when they're wearing their matching sweaters:
She showed Grandma how to use her laptop:
Grandma made Hanukkah cookies for Leah - it's Leah's very first cookie - and she loves it:
Leah always loves banging on the drums in music class, so I got her very own set of bongos:
She's not so adept at walking her new doggy yet, but we can tell she'll love it when she's walking:


Jess + Jason said...

Do you regret giving her the bongos yet?

Elissa said...

Nope - love the bongos. We have jam sessions with the bongos, bells and egg shakers. I don't mind the toys that make noise actually...but I imagine that might change when she's 2 or so and a lot louder.