Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leah clapped today!

I've been pat-a-caking with her every morning. I pat-a-cake with her sitting on my lap facing me. Then I move her hands so she can pat-a-cake. She used to have her fists closed, but a couple weeks ago she started putting her hands out flat. She'd still let me clap her hands for her - not trying to do it herself - but she'd appear to be very proud that her hands were flat so that her palms slapped together and made noise.

This afternoon she was sitting on my lap and started "singing" - really just making a single "ahhhh" tone. Then she started clapping. Totally unprompted. Not exactly in time to the music playing on the stereo - but obviously she was trying to make her own music. And she was so proud of herself. I clapped and said "yay" and smiled - and she kept clapping and gave me a huge grin.

Then later on I kept trying to get her to clap - and of course she would not do it on cue. But she did clap on her own several more times - including once for Shafi while he was getting her ready for bed. So it's not just a fluke - Leah can now clap.

Next I'll have to find the version of pat-a-cake that teaches her to wave. :)

Yesterday I showed her that the ambulance driver fits in the little compartment on the music table and she had lots of fun putting him in and taking him back out all on her own:
Then she used Curious George to hide behind while playing peek-a-boo - she's become a real pro at peek-a-boo - and she really wishes she could play all day long:Her outfit today had a matching hat - and she didn't even mind wearing it:
After seeing how much she enjoyed her grilled cheese sandwich at the diner the other day - I made her one for lunch at home today - she was quite happy with that one too:
She was also very into sharing today - here she is giving me the ambulance driver:

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