Saturday, February 20, 2010

My baby girl is 2!

I have once again been bad about posting. Leah turned 2 on February 7. We celebrated with a big party (18 kids) at the NY Kids Club. A good time was had by all - along with plenty of pizza, cake and apple juice. And Leah blew out her candles quite well all by herself.

Leah got lots of fun presents....some toys, some clothes. My parents came in for the big day. Leah enjoyed spending some extra time with them.

Since my last post we also had Valentine's Day. Leah got some cute shirts, some chocolates, and other little goodies from various relatives. And she enjoyed making Valentine's to send to Grandma and GG.

The move to the big girl bed has remained successful. After about 2.5 weeks she did figure out (this past Wednesday) that she could get out of bed on her own. When she got up in the morning she stood at her bedroom door calling for us to come get her. I knew that we were in trouble after that. Sure enough at naptime she kept getting out of bed. She would just stand at the door saying, "Mommy Mommy Mommy" - it seemed she would go on indefinitely. Several times I would go in and get her back in to bed - sometimes even just telling her to get back in bed. Finally after 45 minutes of that game she stayed in bed and took a normal hour and a half or so nap. Wednesday night we had a big talk with her over dinner that big girls stay in their big girl beds. Babies sleep in cribs because they're not ready for that. She agreed that she's a big girl and not a baby - and since then she has been staying in bed.

We also had her 2 year check up just after her birthday. We talked about it on the way there - the doctor would check her eyes and head and tummy - and it wouldn't hurt. And we brought her little baby doll, Penny, with us. I told her she could hold Penny if she felt scared. She asked for Penny pretty much right away. But she was very good for the doctor - sat in my lap and let the doctor examine her - didn't fuss or squirm at all. She didn't have to have any shots this time but she did have a blood test. The doctor thought the vein in her hand would be the best. And poor Leah's vein kept rolling - so it took a little while of digging around before she hit the vein - and then it took a little while for the 2 vials to fill. But I had the lollipop unwrapped and ready so as soon as the blood test started, Leah got a lollipop. She sat very patiently and hardly fussed for the whole thing - thanks to the lollipop. And this time Leah got to stand on the big girl scale and get measured standing up. She's 36 1/4 inches tall (yes, that is just over 3 feet!) - which is still off the charts in height. And she's 27 1/2 pounds - 60th percentile in weight. She's taller and skinnier than at her last appointment - having gained 1.5 inches and 3/4 of a pound.

Leah also had fun this month playing briefly in the snow, taking a trip to Toys R Us, decorating cookies with Grandma, taking a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, baking brownies with Mommy, playing with lots of friends and attending some other birthday parties.

Helping Mommy make brownies:
Looking a bit too guilty playing in her bedroom with Avery:
Sledding in Dumbo (this lasted approximately 1 minute...too cold!):
Checking out the dinosaurs while perched on Baba's shoulders at the Museum of Natural History:
Having fun playing with Evelyn, who came to visit all the way from Philly:
With all her Valentine's Day loot:
A rare group shot at playgroup (Malia, Cooper, Sebastian, Avery, Leah, James, and Noah):
Leah's first snowball:
Playing with her new dollhouse:
Reading Grandpa's favorite book, Madeline, with Grandpa:
Decorating Valentine's cookies with Grandma:
Very excited about her new Brobee, a gift from Uncle Alan and Aunt Rachel:
Having a blast with Tyler at their birthday party - thanks Coach Jeremy!:
Learning to ride her new scooter (thanks Grandma & Grandpa):
And always a favorite - bathtime!: