Friday, December 19, 2008

Leah's first stomach virus...

...seems to finally be over! Leah was stricken with some unpleasant running at both ends starting on Saturday night. And Shafi was unlucky enough to join her Sunday night...and I was unlucky enough to join them Monday night. So we've all been quarantined at home pretty much all week. It's been a rough go - taking care of ourselves and Leah while feeling ill and totally worn out.

But today we're all feeling better. We'll continue to take it easy for the weekend and make sure it's all gone, but thankfully I think we'll be able to pretty much return to normal next week.

I finally took some pictures yesterday and I realized that I didn't take any pictures for 4 days! That's the longest I've gone since Leah was born. But none of us were looking too cute this week.

Feeling better and eating some Cheerios:After 5 days cooped up in the apartment, Leah still likes her toys: Off to explore some more:
Just being silly:

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