Friday, April 24, 2009

A molar!

After several nights of at least one wake-up, Leah slept through the night last night. We all appreicated that! Her sleep issues were teething related - her bottom left "1 year" molar was coming in. It started to break through the gums a couple days ago, but now it's fully in. The bottom right molar is visible below the gums, so we could be in for some more sleep disruptions soon. But hopefully she gets a little break in between.

She now officially has 9 teeth. I don't think it's making much difference in her chewing ability yet, but we're certainly on the way to real chewing. Fortunately she has been eating pretty well lately. If she's really hungry she'll even eat some vegetables at the beginning of a meal - she's been chowing on broccoli recently. And she now likes meat - she's had lots of pork tenderloin and turkey this week.

Meanwhile, she continues to walk walk walk. Her balance is great and she's getting a bit faster. She's still a bit timid whenever there's a little step or change in flooring, but she's starting to get a bit more confident.

Leah's been enjoying exploring the apartment...even carrying things around with her as she goes:
She walked at the playground for the first time a couple days ago...look at that concentration: Showing off her walking skills for her friends at a playdate:
Checking out the toys at Erica's birthday party: And back where it all started...the Dojo:

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