Monday, April 6, 2009

We went to the zoo zoo zoo

Well, I haven't posted in awhile because Leah has been a bit sick...just a lingering virus...but she can't seem to kick it. And in order to help get her healthy and to avoid infecting friends, we've been pretty much just hanging out at home. After a week, she's still getting a bit of a fever in the afternoons and has a lingering cough and runny nose, but she's also got her first molar coming in, so maybe that's not helping.

Yesterday we had gorgeous weather - 65 and sunny - so we finally decided to get out and about. We took a family field trip to Brooklyn's Prospect Park - only about 30 minutes away by subway. We walked through the park and went to the Prospect Park Zoo. Right nearby we came across the Prospect Park Carousel and went for a ride there.

The zoo was lots of fun. Leah was fascinated by the sea lions and the ducks. She didn't seem too interested in most of the other animals, but she did look and point and smile and laugh. She might have been a bit afraid of some of them - no different than her reaction to most dogs - good to look from afar but they better not get too close.

She was not thrilled by the carousel ride. She seemed to like sitting in my lap on a horse until the thing started moving. The up and down part was fun - but when the carousel started spinning faster she turned around and clung to me - definitely not enjoying the ride.

And we leave for Texas tomorrow, so we've had an exciting day of packing today.

Leah was very happy to sit on the horse with Mom before the carousel started moving:
Not quite so happy once it started though:Her smile came right back when we stopped to watch the ducks though:
And after the excitement at the zoo, we went to the big lawn to practice walking:
She really likes walking as long as she has something or someone to hold on to - be it a hand or Baba's pant leg:

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