Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leah's Texas trip

I took Leah to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Texas for Passover from April 7 to 14. The trip started on her 14 month birthday - hence no blog post for that. She spent the day on a plane with me. She was very good - played, slept, ate, only fussed the last few minutes. She did even better on the trip back - slightly longer nap (45 minutes instead of 30) and better playing and more time eating - no fussing - just a little restlessness, but who can blame her.

We did lots of fun stuff in Texas. Grandma borrowed lots of toys and books for Leah to play with at the house. We went to 3 different playgrounds, the zoo, the botanical garden, the Japanese tea garden, and 2 different duck ponds. It was about 75 and sunny most afternoons, so we loved the weather and spent lots of time outside. We also did lots of shopping - including getting Leah her first real sneakers and some other cute sandals and dress shoes. She's loving walking while holding on to a finger or furniture or anything else - so the shoes came in very handy for all of our outdoor activities.

Leah continues to expand her vocabulary - she can identify her head, feet, belly, belly button, and nose - and she can say eyes. As you can imagine, when she says eyes it sounds a bit like another body part - a$$. But hey - we know what she's saying. She's also getting very good at hi and bye and continues to wave at anyone and everyone.

So many toys to play with and so much space to play in Grandma & Grandpa's house:
We went for Seder at the Tobey's - and Leah very much enjoyed getting kisses from their little dog: Leah was a bit afraid of the bird being up so close at the zoo:
Grandpa played guitar for Leah - she seemed to enjoy it and even danced to the music - but her attention span was short as always:
Leah went up with the other kids for the four questions at the Temple Seder, but we decided she was best kept in the highchair:
Leah spent some time exploring the house in her diaper between daytime and nighttime outfits...she just looks so cute that way:
Leah looked like such a big girl dropping the bread into the water to feed the ducks...although we did have to stop her from eating it several times:
Hey - there's a duck - enjoying the bread from Leah:
Walking all over the botanical gardens with some help from Grandma & Grandpa:
Trying to walk up the slide at the playground, just like the big kids do:

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alanmeck said...

3 playgrounds?!? As I recall, they always took us to just the one. What's up with that?
-Uncle Alan