Monday, April 20, 2009

She bangs, she bangs, and she moves, she moves

OK - I think this time Leah is actually walking. She walked a month ago...for one day. And then she stopped. Other than a couple steps here and there, Leah has taken a break from walking. But Friday she decided to start it up again. It's been three days and she has continued spending lots of time walking...sometimes she still crawls or bear walks or cruises...but lots of walking. And today she even walked all over the apartment - I think that seals it.

At the Dojo on Friday:
At Cadman Plaza on Friday: More Cadman Plaza on Friday:
At the Pierrepont Egg Hunt on Saturday:
At the park on Saturday:
At Cooper's birthday party on Sunday:
More of the birthday party:
And still more of the birthday party:

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