Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leah's favorite books

Just a few weeks ago I was telling Shafi that even though we have lots and lots of books for Leah (yes, I did go a bit overboard in that department), at some point she will want us to read the same ones over and over again. Little did I know it was about to start. She now has 2 favorite books. I've got them both pretty much memorized cover to cover. She brings them to me at least twice a day - and sometimes more like half a dozen times. She stands in front of me holding them out until I read them - and not just one reading each time - several readings each time. If I stop before she's done she stands there and yells at me - "ahhhhh" - until I continue.

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Oh the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do. He can sound like a cow, he can go Moo Moo.

Now this book I really like. It's full of cute pictures and sounds - I like making the Moo and the Buzz and the cork going Pop Pop.

Eeyore Has a Birthday, however, is not a favorite for me. It's an abbreviated version of that story. I do make the Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet voices - which is probably part of Leah's affinity for the book. But the story is very very lacking when it's told in 12 board book pages - for a total of about 15 sentences.

I'm sure her favorites will change soon. Hopefully. But it is awfully cute when she goes to the bookshelf and picks out these same 2 books - no matter where on the shelf they are located (as long as they're on the bottom 3 shelves of course, since those are the only ones she can reach.

Leah got out one of her favorites when her friend Ellie came to visit...she started out reading it to Ellie herself...but eventually she brought it to me to read to both of them:
While she does love her books, we don't read all the time, Leah also gets in lots of play time:

And in case anyone was wondering, no she's not walking. She has taken a step or two each day. On Thursday she took about 4 steps when her friend Ellie was here. And at the Dojo yesterday she walked several steps several times with lots of encouragement from all the other moms and babies...but still not as many steps or as many times as she did in the park a week and a half ago. We all know she's capable. But apparently Leah prefers crawling or the security of walking while holding on to something or someone. I'm sure one of these days she'll decide to really start walking...certainly by the time she's 2 or 3.

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alanmeck said...

Smart girl! Dr. Suess rocks! She may have a full collection soon.
-- Uncle Alan