Friday, March 6, 2009

Phew - fever broke

Leah had her first high fever this week. Wednesday night when I was getting her ready for bed I noticed she felt really warm. I took her temp and it was 103! I put her to bed and called the pediatrician. My first thought was that it was a reaction to her vaccinations 9 days before (MMR, varicella, pneumonococcal). But I just wanted to be sure I shouldn't be watching for anything in particular. She confirmed that was probably what it was and if Leah was acting fine then I shouldn't worry. But she said if she still had a high fever in the morning then I should bring her in.

Yesterday morning her fever was 102.7. So I made an appointment and brought her in at 1. We saw Dr. Pytlak. She was very nice. She confirmed that it was likely a reaction to the MMR vaccination. She said the fever wouldn't likely last more than a couple of days and isn't contagious.

Leah's fever then broke yesterday afternoon. I was very relieved - even though I knew it wasn't likely anything major. She's still got a bit of a decreased appetite but seems otherwise all normal.

Earlier on Wednesday Leah played sign of being sick or uncomfortable - I tried to help her figure out how to ride her riding toys...she's improving...slowly:
Seems like she likes the giraffe better for riding, but her legs barely touch the ground:
And yesterday after her fever broke we went and played in the hall...she loves climbing the stairs: This time she even went up to the 2nd set of stairs past the elevator...and looked back to make sure I was coming with her:
And we spent some time pushing baby in her stroller...back and forth and back and forth:

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