Saturday, March 7, 2009

Leah is 13 months old!

Today is March 7...and Leah is 13 months old. It was nice and warm today...60 degrees and partly sunny. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and met some friends for dim sum.

But more interesting than that...Leah appears to have Roseola. The doctor was convinced that she was just having a reaction to her vaccinations when she had a 103 fever this week. But it turns out that she was wrong. Leah's fever was 103 on Wednesday and Thursday and 101 on Friday. But no fever was 99 when I took her temperature after her nap this morning. She started getting some little spots on her torso yesterday and I figured it was just the viral rash that the doctor said she might get. But then this morning the rash had's much denser all over her torso and it's on her face some. It's especially noticeable on her right side - cheek and forehead - even on her eyelid.

I did a little looking into it and found that it's probably not contagious after the fever breaks...and most adults have had it (including Shafi and I). But we did likely expose some of Leah's friends. Who knows where or when she got often has no symptoms for several days but is contagious. Luckily the virus is totally even if we did spread it around, no one should be too upset about a few days of fever and a rash - the only other noticeable symptoms are more restless sleep and decreased appetite. Even with 103 fever, Leah was her usual happy self most of the time.

Leah was fascinated by our friends' son Colin - he's 4:
Leah giggled while she watched Colin run around and play:
She seemed very amused by Colin's interest in Sophie:
We stopped at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - I got green tea ice cream - Leah liked it. Shafi's mango passion fruit sorbet was not a hit. Although to be fair, she might have just liked eating from the cone instead of from the spoon since Shafi's was in a cup.

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