Friday, March 13, 2009

Words words words

Leah is saying more and more words. Some of the things she says are totally unidentifiable - not sure if she's trying to say words or if she's just imitating the cadence of speech. It's especially cute when she points as she babbles. I just talk to her about what she's pointing at - those are the elevator buttons, we're getting off on 6 because we live on the 6th floor.

Yesterday she started saying "up." It started when we were playing airplane - where I put her on my legs while I'm on my back and I lift my legs and thus her up and down and up and down. We do it in gym class and say the words up and down. Yesterday she started saying up when she went up...without my saying it! She's not saying down yet, but maybe she will soon. And today she started lifting a toy up in the air and saying "up." She hasn't yet said it when she wants to be picked up...but I'm sure that's coming...and then I'll be less pleased that she's learned this new word.

She's also started saying "yes" with meaning. Before sometimes I thought she was saying yes but couldn't be sure that she meant it. Now I'm pretty sure she does. Sometimes when I ask her if she wants her milk or her water or something like that, a word that she recognizes but doesn't yet say, she will say "yes." And the Me, You and We song from music class also has Yes, No and Maybe (2nd verse I guess you could say). She now says me, you, we and yes. She hasn't started on no or maybe, but you never know when she'll add them. She also does the hand motions of pointing to herself for me and pointing away for you. So I am pretty sure she understands "me" but I think she's just saying the word and doing the gesture for you...I don't think she actually understands it yet. But who knows...maybe I don't give her enough credit.

After a rousing game of peek-a-boo from behind the speaker - Leah decided to come out:
She greatly enjoyed playing with my scarf:
And even tried to put it on...who knew she knew how a scarf is supposed to go?
Despite the cold weather, Leah loved spending time on the swings on a sunny day:
Demonstrating proper use of the toy phone:
A baby pile-up...Leah's the one trying to climb across the legs and being tackled by Lily...while Cooper looks up for an explanation as to what is going on here: We went to Shafi's cousin Shanta's for brunch on Sunday...Leah found it very amusing every time the cat came out to have a look around...that's what she's laughing at here:
And following a diaper change she did not want her pants back she explored the apartment for awhile sans-pants...she does look awfully cute in a diaper:

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