Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I stand alone

That's right...Leah has started standing on her own. She uses something to pull up - but then she lets go and stands - by herself. She looks up at me with a big smile and a proud face.

Won't be long now until she translates that into taking a step!

Leah loved play time at the Kids Club on Saturday...crawling through the tunnel was lots of fun: And then she had lots of fun playing with Zarin's toys: My social baby girl loves to play with her friends:Leah loved going down the slide...and immediately turned around to try to crawl back up so she could do it again:Leah loved wearing her Baba's hat while we waited for a table for dinner at Ippudo:
Mmm...Leah liked ramen but it's a challenge to eat:
And here it is - captured on digital media - Leah standing alone:
And looking around to make sure everyone sees her new skill:

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