Friday, August 7, 2009

Leah is one and a half!

I have nothing major to report on Leah's half birthday. I got her a tee ball set. She wasn't all that interested in it...but we'll keep trying. I also got her a see and say - the thing with the animals around it that you pull the lever and the arrow spins and tells you about the animal - the cow says moo. That she's excited about. It took her a little time to figure out how to pull the lever all the way - and it doesn't work if you only pull it part way. But after about 10 minutes of frustration she became a real pro.

I took her out to breakfast. She had silver dollar pancakes...and ate most of them. And for the first time she seemed to like the OJ...usually she has one sip and doesn't want more. Today she drank about 1/3 of the glass...although the glass is probably only about 4 ounces.

Otherwise it was a pretty average day. This morning we hung out in Cadman Plaza with Leah's friend Avery (girl Avery). And after naptime and lunch we hung out with Leah's friend Asher at the playground. juice:
Leah likes to take a bite or two of several pancakes rather than just eating one at a time...she goes back to them eventually:
Leah and her friend girl Avery having fun with some sidewalk chalk in Cadman Plaza:
And then at the playground this afternoon...loving the sandbox..."shovel. shovel. shovel.":

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