Monday, January 4, 2010


Not sure if this is my nesting instinct kicking in already or just excitement about buying things for the baby, but I've been playing with different layouts for the kids' room. I think I've got it figured out. And tonight I ordered a bed for Leah - a big girl bed, that is. I chose one with drawers underneath and a coordinating storage headboard. I also got her bedding for it. The bed and bedding are going to be her 2nd birthday present. I showed her pictures this morning and she was very excited to have "beckys" on her new big girl bed. And while I was shopping (online shopping that is), I picked out bedding for the baby as well. I wanted to go with a jungle/animal theme and I found a set that is the same brand as Leah's crib bedding (CoCaLo), which has held up really well, that I really like. It's nice bold colors with monkeys, lions, elephants and giraffes.

The room will definitely be a mish-mash of the 2 decors - pink and purple butterflies and flowers AND bold primary color jungle animals. We'll leave the current Leah decor as is - her name above the changing table / dresser, the butterflies and such above the air unit. And above the crib we'll add decor for the baby - maybe we'll put his name up, maybe some sort of pictures or cut outs or something of the sort with the bold colored animals that are in the bedding. And I'll have to figure out something neutral for the remaining wall that will be above Leah's bed - maybe we'll stick with some of the current framed prints that are in the room. I think if we get a bright whimsical type of rug we can really pull the room together.

The future layout:
Leah's new big girl bedding:
Baby boy's crib bedding set - "Jungle Jingle":
Leah's new bed and coordinating storage headboard:

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