Friday, March 26, 2010

17 Teeth and Counting...

Leah has had a few middle of the night wake-ups lately. And this morning she was up at 6:45 (a bit earlier than normal for her) and complaining that her tongue hurt. I figured maybe she bit it - either this morning or before her midnight or 4 a.m. wake-ups last night. But then when we were out and about this morning she had a finger in her mouth and was whining. I took a look and saw a bulging spot on her lower right gums - a molar on it's way in.

Then this afternoon she woke up from her nap just screaming and holding her mouth. She took an hour and a half nap, so I don't think the teething woke her up, but obviously she did wake up in pain. I got her some ice water...and asked her if I could take a look in her mouth. She obliged - and sure enough the first of her 2-year molars had emerged. It's actually about 2/3 visible - so I imagine the remainder of the top of it will break through fairly soon. Once it's all broken through it shouldn't be painful anymore. So now we'll just wait to see when her remaining 3 baby teeth decide to make their appearances - no sign of them so far.

But a little teething pain did not dampen her spirits most of the morning. We had a very fun trip to the Transit Museum with lots of friends.

The kids were very into holding hands today - here are Malia and Avery with Leah - all squealing - but at least it was a big open area to run around - not a traditional museum:
Leah was very amused as she tickled Theo:
Leah and Theo were quite happy together today...maybe she's got a new boyfriend:
She wasn't really the only girl today - just the only one in the attempt at a group shot - Piper and Malia were off and running - pictured here are Cooper, Avery, Leah, Theo, and Asher:
But at the end of the day, Leah's heart still belongs to Avery:

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