Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm 6 months pregnant

Today seemed like as good a time as any to start a blog. I'm officially 26 weeks (6 months) pregnant. It's a girl - due February 10, 2008.

I'm incredibly excited about having a baby. Can't wait to meet her - although of course I want her to be full term - so 3 more months it is!

She's pretty active these days - kicking, punching, somersaulting - not really sure what she's doing most of the time, but I definitely enjoy sitting and watching my belly move.

My husband, Shafi, and I have decided not to share the name with anyone until she's born - so you'll have to wait until February or so for that. But we call her by name when we're alone. Shafi likes to talk to her, especially when we go to bed at night. It's very cute. And I bought her first book - Goodnight Moon - my childhood favorite - which we take turns reading to her at night.

More to come - maybe some belly pictures soon.

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