Tuesday, December 4, 2007

30 week check-up

We had our 30 week check-up tonight. We met Dr. Shah. She's very nice. Much more straight-forward and less chatty than Dr. Markoff. On one hand, that's something I like about Dr. Markoff. On the other hand, she actually took us on time for our 4:15 appointment and we were out the door by about 4:40, as where I'm sure we would have been there until at least 5 if not 5:30 with Dr. Markoff.

The doctor said everything was fine - growing well, normal blood pressure, etc. And she felt the bump for the position of the baby and said the head is down. So I think that means we have a very low chance of a breech baby - definitely good news.

I told her that my bump seems to have shifted about a week and a half ago from high and wide to low and in front. She said that was normal - or at least not abnormal. Not that we were worried about it, but obviously the reassurance is always nice.

We'll continue with these appointments every 2 weeks - we're already booked to see Dr. Markoff on the 17th and then Dr. Schweizer on Jan. 3. And then staring in week 35 or 36 we'll see Dr. Markoff and he'll do a Strep B test which is part of a full exam - and then we'll have a weekly appointment that include a full exam to check for dilation and such. 2 of those visits will be with the other 2 doctors in the practice. I can't believe that's only a month away! And our due date is only about 2 months away!

I've also been quite diligent the past couple of weeks about getting everything prepared. I met with a life insurance agent yesterday and we will be reviewing his advice and making some decisions in the next couple of weeks. We're meeting with an estate attorney next week and will be getting wills and power of attorneys and such and maybe setting up trusts.

I also began looking into pediatricians today. I picked one practice of the 3 that have been recommended to me in our neighborhood and we'll be going in early January to meet with one of the 3 doctors in the practice and make our decision as to whether we will go with that doctor or whether we want to meet with another practice. I don't think we are all that concerned, but I'd definitely like to pick someone we think we'll be comfortable with before we actually start bringing the baby in.

Next on the agenda is to tour the nearby daycare center to see if we want to get on the list in case we do decide to go with that option. Potentially we'd want to start that around June or so, but we may need to apply and get on the list now in order to do that. More to come on that topic.

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