Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Running, talking, playgrounding

I haven't been blogging much lately. I think it's only because we've been keeping ourselves so busy and I don't really have any new milestones to report. Leah is busily running everywhere - in the park, at the playground, at home. She really wants to jump - she squats down and gears up for it - springing up with as much force as she can muster - but not actually leaving the ground. It's incredibly adorable.

She's talking a lot. Still adding new words daily, but I've given up on keeping the list...I think it's fair to say that if you use a word a lot or attempt to teach her a word she will begin using it. Luckily I have been successful in watching my language around her! Recently she's added words like kiss, hug, glasses, gorilla, and outside. And she's been increasing her 2 word combos. She happily says hi and bye to everything and everyone - bye boat, bye gorilla, hi Baba, bye diaper - she's also added things like no sit, shirt wet, and hot eggs.

Leah is also continuing to get teeth. Her top molars are about halfway present (the outer half is clearly visible but the inner half hasn't found it's way through the gums yet - on both sides). Her top eye teeth are through the gums and on their way to being useful teeth. Her bottom eye teeth are getting close - the left side is clearly visible but not yet broken through the last bit of gums - and the right side outline is there but no white showing yet. So - sooner rather than later Leah will have 16 teeth. Then most likely she'll get a bit of a break before those 2nd year molars come in and bring her total up to all 20 baby teeth. Luckily the last several have not been nearly as bad as the bottom molars were - at least so far.

There are so many cute pictures from the last few weeks that I'm having trouble deciding which to post here - so here are a few - but please visit the Picasa site to see more of Leah's 18th month.

Leah wore her new bikini to host her first pool party last week - 3 of her friends came over to splash around in the baby pool with her:
This fuzzy giraffe shirt from Uncles Howard & Charlie is definitely a favorite:
Leah now climbs on anything and everything...including the ladders at the playground...making her Mommy very nervous:

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