Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who is that?

Everyone has a name. Leah has discovered this fact and is now calling quite a few people by name. Her name was first...then Baba...then Mommy. I believe GG (great grandma) was next. She's got Grandma down, although apparently she thinks Maca is the appropriate word. Sometimes she gets Grandpa too - Gumpa. She's been calling many of her stuffed animals by name - there's puppy and baby - and Rusty (the bear) and George (Curious George, that is) and Elmo, of course.

The first of her friends to be called by name was Asher. She doesn't spend that much time with him, but she seems to have quite a love for Asher. She now thinks that Ring-Around-the-Rosie includes "Asher Asher" before we all fall down. She's also got Cooper down. She's been calling Malia by name and even points down the hall towards her apartment calling "Ma-ee." She knows that the building's maintenance man is Ray - although she seems to think all middle-aged black men are Ray. She's also got a handle on Jackie the babysitter - but seems to think all babysitters are Jackie (including Millie at the gym). And Patsy the maid - who only comes every other week - but for days afterwards Leah says "Patsy?" whenever she hears someone coming to the door during the day. She talks to Shafi's parents on the phone about once a week - they are Dada and Dadi - and at other times she sometimes points to the phone and says "Dada?"

We're still working on the names of Leah's other friends. She's pretty good at repeating them when asked, so no doubt it won't be long before she's addressing everyone appropriately.

She continues to add quite a few new words per week - not quite a consistent pace - sometimes 3 a day and sometimes a day without. And she exercises her vocabulary quite a lot - answering a lot of questions, making request for favorite foods. Yesterday morning when she got up and asked for Baba and I said he was busy she said "Work?" and I said no he's still home. She asked "Sleeping?" and I said no he's on the potty. She then said "Potty? Potty?" and dutifully waited for him to emerge from the bathroom.

She still loves bath time - often asking for "Bath" or "Shower" when we're in the bathroom. Yesterday she asked for the potty during dinner. I put her on it and she actually went pee pee. So now she has another butterfly on her arm - the first one has mostly faded away, so she's pretty happy to have the new one. Hopefully that will continue to be incentive to use the potty. And maybe one of these days she'll even tell me before she needs to poop instead of after she's already done it.

Leah's latest bath time ritual - standing in front of the tub spigot with a light shower raining down on her head - and playing with the bucket:
All dressed up and ready for Peter Luger's lunch for Father's Day:
Hanging out at the bar waiting for our table - we had a 2 hour lunch and Leah behaved pretty close to perfectly - in case you're wondering, no, she did not eat the steak, but she was pretty happy with a combination of broccoli, creamed spinach and potatoes:
Having lots of fun at a going away party for a friend - Leah loves sitting on Mommy's lap:

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