Monday, June 15, 2009

Is that 1 word or 2?

Leah's been saying "all gone." You and I might think that is 2 words. But we're really not sure if Leah knows that or if she thinks it is 1 word. So we've been saying that she hasn't started putting words together yet.

But...yesterday she started bringing me one of her latest favorite books, "Old Hat, New Hat." She just calls it New Hat. And when she says it, it actually sounds like 2 sentences - "New. Hat."

It is incredibly cute. The first page says, "Old hat." That gets no reaction from Leah. But the next page says, "New hat. New hat. New hat. New hat." And Leah says, "New. Hat. New. Hat. New. Hat. New. Hat."

So we have officially crossed the multi-word threshold. More to come no doubt.

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