Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pee Pee on the Potty

Leah has been telling us after she poops for the last couple of weeks. This seemed like a good sign that we should start teaching her about the potty. I got a seat that goes on top of the regular potty so that she can feel like a big girl up there...and she already likes to climb onto the toilet lid. And I got some temporary tattoos - of butterflies of course.

We put her on the potty after dinner one night last week and read her a book about Elmo using the potty. It has buttons that you push to make sounds - Elmo's voice, flushing, etc. She was pretty excited to be sitting on the potty and to be reading an Elmo book. Suddenly she started to pee. We made a big deal, clapping and cheering for her. And we gave her a butterfly tattoo on the inside of her right arm.

I don't think she actually understood that she went pee pee on the potty or that it was the reason for getting a butterfly (or Becky, as she calls it) on her arm. But if we keep doing it she will soon get it. She's been asking to go on the potty a couple times a day now. And unless we're in a hurry we oblige. But she hasn't actually peed or pooped on it since the first time.

She's been a really big talker lately, adding about 3 words a day for the last several days. And she has put words together a few times, but it's definitely not a consistent thing. The other days she said "sit potty" but she hasn't put the words together since. She continues to say "all gone" but we're still not sure she knows it's 2 words.
Becky Becky buttefly:

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