Friday, June 5, 2009

A fairly uneventful week

Leah had the Coxsackie virus this week. She came down with it very suddenly on Saturday evening. She had a 104 fever and was drooling and had watery eyes. We took her to the doctor immediately and the doctor knew right away what it was. She showed us the small spots at the back of the roof of Leah's mouth indicating Coxsackie.

We were able to bring her fever down immediately with Motrin and then keep it down by alternating Motrin & Tylenol every 4 hours. That seemed to keep Leah comfortable most of the time, but she did have quite a few periods of crying. She was definitely having pain. The doctor said she probably feels achy and flu-like and the spots in her mouth probably feel like canker sores. Luckily the poor girls still ate pretty well and slept okay. She's been back in good spirits the last couple of days but still getting a mild fever in the afternoons and there are still a couple dots in her mouth.

We're continuing to keep her mostly quarantined for now, but I think we'll return to the playground circuit this weekend. And last night we took her to Shafi's cousin Rana's mehndi. She looked incredibly cute in her first lehnga.
Just before the fever started Leah was showing off her belly button in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village:
Feeling much better on Thursday and stomping in the puddles on the pier in Dumbo:
Posing with her cousin Tahzib and Aunt Himon:
Dancing and waving with Baba:
Just watching all the pretty ladies in their saris:

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