Sunday, June 6, 2010

Will is 1 month old!

I can't believe how fast the month has gone by. He is definitely growing quickly. His face has really filled out, as have his belly and limbs. And so far that thick black hair seems like it's here to stay! His eyes are still a bit gray, so it's too early to tell what they'll look like - of course they'll be brown but whether they'll be light like Leah's or dark like Shafi's - we'll have to wait and see!

But along with turning a month old, Will has woken up quite a bit in the last week or so. We now get a fussy period from late afternoon through until about 8 or 9. We've instituted a bedtime routine for him now. Either after Leah goes to bed or while Leah has a bath, Will gets a bath. Then he gets his pre-bedtime feeding, dressed and swaddled, burped and down in the carseat for the first "night" sleep. He usually goes about 4 hours from that feeding until the next one. Tonight he ate about 8:10 - so I expect he'll be waking up around 12:10, give or take half an hour.

When we go to bed we will take the carseat into our room with us. And then after his midnight feeding I will try to get him as close to asleep as possible before putting him down in the bassinet next to our bed. If I'm lucky he'll only stir and grunt for a few minutes before sleeping for a couple of hours - generally he goes about 3 hours from that feeding until the next one. Unfortunately he's been a bit more awake after the feeding that's around 3 a.m. But if possible he'll be in the bassinet then too. If a few minutes of trying to soothe him and get him to sleep fail then we either bring him in the bed with us or put him in the carseat. Generally after the 6 a.m. feeding he's more or less up - he knows it's morning. Sometimes he'll doze on top of me or I can get him to conk back out in the carseat swing, but even though Leah has mostly been sleeping until 8 a.m., my day seems to begin around 6 with Will.

He tends to sleep pretty well in the carseat on the stroller when we're out and about, which is great because it means I can take Leah to the playground or wherever else and have some quality time with her. But when we're home, it's a bit harder to get him into a sound sleep...which means it's getting harder for me to get a nap in during Leah's nap...and it's been pretty much impossible for me to make dinner.

So - as always, an infant's schedule is constantly changing, and we'll be rolling with the punches. Fortunately the little cold that Will has had seems to be subsiding. He's still got an occasional wet raspy sounding cough but we're not hearing the congestion in his breathing anymore.

His 1 month check-up isn't until Friday, so stay tuned for his growth and healthy update!

Due to being really busy and really tired, I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like to. And I haven't been posting any pictures here - but check out my Picasa site for lots of photos.

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