Friday, May 28, 2010

Busier Than a Bee

Life as a stay at home mom to 2 kids is more than twice as busy as it was with one. This may improve when Will is eating a little less frequently - or maybe when Leah gets potty trained. But for now my day is a constant stream of feeding and diaper changes. And if I'm lucky enough to time everything right, we all nap at the same time and I get an hour or so to snooze.

I've been doing well keeping up with the normal activities. I managed to get to Leah's last gym class on time and keep Will happy enough in the BabyBjorn while participating in class with Leah. We've been going to music class - Will happily sleeps in the car seat through the entire class. And we've spent lots of time at the playground - also a favorite napping spot for Will. The double stroller has proven to be key - I can easily transfer Will from swing to stroller and wherever else while he sleeps in the carseat.

It definitely takes awhile to get us all ready and out the door in the morning. Will nurses best at home - versus being out and about, which means less comfortable and under the nursing cover. So getting ready involves changing diapers, getting dressed, washing faces, making/eating breakfast with Leah, feeding Will, and packing up whatever we need in the stroller and diaper bag. If I'm lucky and don't have any diaper blow-outs, extra messes to clean up, or tantrums I can do all of that in about an hour and a half.

Leah is continuing to adjust. She's still acting out some with Shafi and I, but it seems to be lessening. And she is very sweet with Will. She wants to cuddle him and see him, and she's glad to help in any way she can.

And Will is still a pretty easy baby. He sleeps most of the time. He nurses well. He had his first bottle last night. I pumped just over 4 ounces and he took the whole thing. He did fight the bottle a bit along the way, but he took it. Shafi gave it to him. When I tried for a bit about halfway, he absolutely refused it, but then he took it again when we shifted him back to Shafi. He is a bit more awake the past few days than he was his first couple of weeks - no more putting him down wide awake and letting him fall asleep on his own - he needs a bit of help. And he seems to be having some gas pain, especially late night and early morning. I've been giving him Mylicon, but I'm not so sure it's making a difference.

I'm definitely getting a bit tired - between the 2-3 night feedings and keeping up with both kids all day - not much time to rest. But luckily it's a 3 day weekend, so hopefully I can catch up on sleep a bit.

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