Sunday, May 2, 2010

38 weeks and counting

Been a bit of a rough week here at the Imran house. My check-up on Monday was uneventful - still no change since the 2 previous weeks. But then what I thought was a cold began to get worse. I called my OB to see about getting an antibiotic and he sent me to an ENT. I've got sinus pain/pressure, feels like my ears are stuffed with cotton, nose is running something awful, and I'm coughing up not-so-lovely green gunk. The ENT said he wasn't sure if it was a sinus infection or not, but obviously at the least a bad cold. He was more concerned about my productive cough though...but since he's an ENT, that's not his area. He suggested I see my internist. But he did prescribe an antibiotic and give me a regimen of Robitussin and Sudafed, along with a nasal wash (like a neti pot but from a squeeze bottle).

I wouldn't say that all gave me instant relief, but I guess it wasn't expected to. My sinuses are much better than they were Thursday when I saw the doctor and my cough is less productive although still a bit painful and causing me sleeplessness. In any case, the antibiotic and other meds are certainly helping. Maybe I can actually be in decent health by the time the baby comes.

Meanwhile, Leah started getting crusty/gunky eyes on Friday afternoon and we took her in to the pediatrician Saturday morning. She's also been up quite a bit at night, but we've been unsure whether it's bad dreams or teething or something more. Indeed, she has mild conjunctivitis (i.e. pink eye). Her eyes are not actually pink but they are oozing quite a lot of yellow gunk. And she has an infection in her left ear. We were just in a few days ago checking her ears, so we were a bit surprised. The pediatrician thought this might be the beginning of an ear infection and might be related to the eye infection.

So Leah has been given antibiotic eye drops to take 3 times a day for 5 days. Luckily they said she wouldn't be contagious once she has been on them for 24 hours, so we're not quarantined for too long. And she's actually been really good about letting me put the drops in her eyes. I think they must be bothering her enough that she really wants the medicine to work. She is also taking a liquid antibiotic twice a day for 10 days for the ear infection. Unfortunately this medicine isn't going so well. She really hates it. I'm supposed to give her 4 ml using a syringe dropper. I can get about half of it into her before she pushes it away. Then she shudders and gags and is very unhappy to be only halfway through. For dose #2 I bribed her with juice - she got a little in the middle and the got to finish it after. But even with the bribe she fought the 2nd half and ended up spitting much of it out...and then proceeded to cry. It smells like bubble gum, which most kids her age apparently love - so we're not sure if it's the bubble gum taste or if there's a more medicine-like taste with it that is bothering her. Might be a bit rough getting this into her for 9 more days! The pediatrician said usually they would schedule a follow up after the 10 days of antibiotics but that we can just plan to bring Leah along for our newborn checkup, which will most likely be in approximately that timeframe anyway.

Other than the woes of taking medication, though, she is in pretty good spirits - you wouldn't even know she is sick. And thankfully I seem to be on the mend, although I may have some lingering symptoms for quite awhile (the ENT said these coughs can linger for a month or so). Hopefully we're all on the mend and Shafi won't join our infirmary.

On a brighter note, we have been getting some great weather and have been enjoying the great outdoors.

Asher and Leah had a great time walking home together after Tot Shabbat:
Leah decided she was ready to ride her scooter to the playground - note the look of intensity on her face - she ended up pushing it there and riding it a little once we were safely within the playground gates:
We spent some family time enjoying the newly opened lawns at Pier 1:
Cooper and Leah had a blast exploring the Pier 1 lawn - I even let Leah go barefoot in the lush grass:
We didn't feel too quarantined on this gorgeous Saturday - our first real chance to enjoy the new deck furniture - we spent the afternoon out under the umbrellas and Shafi grilled dinner - Leah seemed to enjoy imitating our lounging poses almost as much as exploring her outdoor kitchen:

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