Sunday, May 11, 2008

Been a busy week!

Shafi's parents arrived last Sunday. They are great with Leah. My father in law plays with her and my mother in law also helps with diaper changes, getting her to sleep, etc. They even babysat for an afternoon so that I could go visit Jamie and her daughter Erica. Shafi and I are quite happy to have the extra help for the summer, although we all have to admit that four adults and a baby in an 1100 square foot 2 bedroom apartment is a bit tight!

We also had a busy weekend. Yesterday we had brunch with our friends Dan and Becca who were in town from Philadelphia for the day. Leah sat quietly in Shafi's lap for the whole meal. That's definitely a new thing for her...hopefully it continues. And then we went to our friends Pete & Julia's going away party on their roof deck. Leah was also incredibly well behaved there. She took a nap and ate and then hung out and let everyone come over and ooh and ahh over her. Today we went to a surprise baby shower for our friends Dan and Erin. Their son is due in mid-June. The shower was nice, but I think Leah had enough of being social yesterday. She was not so happy to be there.

And today is my first Mother's Day. Shafi brought home 2 dozen roses...1 for me and 1 for his mother. And he also gave me a gift card for a facial and massage at Bliss. I'm definitely looking forward to using that one.

This was at the party yesterday...Leah's first game of beer pong. ;)

And you can see that Leah was not in the best of moods even before we headed out to today's soiree.

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