Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My feverish baby girl

I thought Leah felt a bit warm a couple days ago, but I didn't take her temperature. Then yesterday I thought she seemed really warm, so I did. Although it seems daunting to take a rectal temp, it actually doesn't seem to bother big deal to do it while changing her diaper. Turns out she did have a fever - 100.1. So I've read to call the doctor if it's 100.4 or higher, but I decided to call anyway. It was already almost 5 p.m., so they didn't call back until this morning, but they said I should bring her in.

This morning her temp was 99.8 at home and 99.2 a couple hours later at the doctor's office. The doctor said she's probably just fighting something off. Her throat and ears and everything seemed fine. I was a little worried because she had a few spells of waking up from a nap and crying inconsolably, but what really worried me was that she had periods of being incredibly calm. She's not a calm baby...ever. So when I went for a walk and she sat calmly in the stroller for about 30 minutes and then just fell asleep, I thought something was wrong. It was after the walk that I thought she was really warm and finally took her temperature. Today she was also very calm. But she also has periods of being very happy and cooing and such. She's been making a couple of new sounds - a sort of squeak and squeal. Both very cute...and very loud.

So whatever she has obviously isn't bothering her too much. Just seems to be making her tired. I've got a bit of a cold, so maybe she's fighting that off. Luckily she's not congested like I am, though.

Obviously I don't want her to be sick, and I feel terrible that she has a fever. But if she could have this calm temperament a bit more often I would be quite happy. We went to the Dumbo Mom's Group this afternoon and she just sat on my lap and looked around and played with a rattle very calmly and quietly for about an hour. And when we went walking she was pretty calm in the stroller. And at home she was willing to stay in the crib looking at the mobile for quite awhile. Maybe it's not all because of how she's feeling, maybe it's a bit of a change - she's growing up and calming down. A mom can hope!

At least she doesn't look sick:

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