Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hmmm...swaddle weaning is a no go

Rough night. We tried putting Leah down with the swaddle under her arms so she would be able to use her hands to self soothe. I was able to get her down that way, but she woke up 20 minutes later. Then we couldn't get her back down. I ended up feeding her and getting her down again...but only for a few minutes that time. We kept trying until about 10:00...having started at 7:15. Finally we swaddled her and she went to sleep without much fight.

But we did observe her in the few minutes she slept unswaddled and found that she moved her arms a lot. So maybe she's really not ready to be without the swaddle...still too much involuntary arm movement. We also realized that while she does suck on her hands when she's awake and happy, even when she's awake if she is fussy she does not use them to self soothe. So maybe we can still sleep train her while swaddled. We're going to try it out next week. And if it doesn't work in a few days we'll wait and talk to the pediatrician when we go on June 9.

After finally getting Leah to bed around 10 she slept until 2:20. But then after I fed her I had trouble getting her down. I was insistent that I was not going to feed her down again as obviously she didn't really need to eat. But after an hour of trying to get her down I finally gave in and fed her until she fell asleep at the breast and transferred her very carefully to the pack n play. Exhausting.

Good thing she's so darn cute.

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