Monday, July 7, 2008

Leah is 5 months old!

I probably say this every month, but time sure flies! I keep talking about things that happened when I was still pregnant and I always say, "A few months ago..." and then I realize it was probably at least 6 months ago. Wow!

Leah is continuing to grow taller although seemingly not fatter. Her 3-6 month onesies are starting to get a bit short. But her 3-6 month pants are still too big in the waist. She seems happy and healthy though, so no worries.

Her sleep still seems to be a bit off since getting back from California. Hopefully we can rectify that soon. I can't really let her cry it out in the middle of the night as long as she's sharing a room with my in-laws, but they are leaving on Sunday, so if need be, we can do that next week.

Nothing really new to report at 5 months. She's getting better at sitting but definitely is not yet ready to sit unassisted. She's sleeping on her tummy, so she's also getting better at tummy time, but she still doesn't really like it. She's squealing a lot and occasionally being vocal in other ways. She had a new "hee hee" sort of laugh the other day but she hasn't done it again since. My friend Maggie swears that Leah said "Hi" to her at our 4th of July party, but I'm a bit skeptical.

And of course Leah continues to be incredibly cute:

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