Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our first family vacation - Colorado

Not our first trip together as a family but our first real vacation was last week. We went to Vail for 5 days and then Boulder for 4 days. We did go to a friend's wedding in Boulder, but the trip was mostly about family bonding and relaxing.

Vail was nice, although a bit warmer than we expected. We tried to hike one day but it was so hot that after about a mile we had to turn back. Not only were we wiped (I'm sure it was the altitude) but Shafi had Leah strapped to his chest in the Ergo carrier and he and she were sweating quite a bit. She slept for the first half but once she woke up she was a bit fussy. We hung out at the pool a bit and checked out some of the Vail Valley. We went up the gondola in Lionshead Village, where we were staying. And we went to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

We lucked out and got a 2 bedroom condo after reserving a 1 bedroom. It was actually a loft as a 2nd bedroom but had it's own full bath, king size bed, TV, etc. We stayed up in the loft and gave Leah the bedroom with the door that closed. It was great because we could put her to bed and close the door and still be in either the living room or loft. Of course we opened the door at night so we'd hear her when she woke up. It all worked out well.

And in Boulder the room was a bit small, but we all managed just fine. We kept Leah up late while we were there but she adjusted well. She even slept in a couple mornings. She seems to have adjusted pretty well to the Peapod travel bed - it definitely worked out better this time than when we went to LA. We did some fun stuff in Boulder too. We walked around the pedestrian mall and stopped and watched a fun country band there one day. We went to the Butterfly Pavilion, which was lots of fun. And we had a lot of fun at a dinner and a brunch with others from the wedding, and at the rehearsal dinner and wedding itself. We left Leah with a sitter while we went to the wedding. That was nice because we got some time to ourselves and got to dance and drink without worrying about an infant. I guess it was a bit rough for Leah. Apparently she cried for an hour and a half after we left, but eventually she calmed down and she slept fine. She has to get used to babysitters sooner rather than later anyway, and I'm sure we did no permanent damage.

Some pics of our trip:

Leah was not exactly thrilled to be in the pool

Baba and Leah having fun at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
You can't tell from the picture, but both Baba and Leah are soaked with sweat here
OK, we went for the butterflies, but the best picture is of Leah holding Rosie the tarantula
Leah partied it up at the rehearsal dinner for Pete & Julia's wedding

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