Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leah's 1 year check-up

Well, Leah has a stomach virus...again. So we still had her 1 year check-up today. But we are holding off until she's healthy to give her the vaccinations. Doc said Leah is right on target in her development - way up high on the scale of talking, babbling, comprehending - right on target for motor skills and such.
She's 32 inches tall - still off the charts - i.e. >97 percentile. And she's 21 lbs 15 ounces. So basically 22 pounds - and if she hadn't had diarrhea and vomiting I think she'd have been a little I'm going with 22 pounds. And according to my mother, that's what I weighed at a year as well. I guess she's mommy's little girl...even though she seems to be just like daddy in every other way. So that's 64th percentile in weight - slightly lower than last weigh in percentile - but pretty similar. Meanwhile her head just keeps growing - 46.8 cm now - which is the 90th percentile - maybe she is daddy's little girl. But the doctor said that it's good that her head has grown - it's in proportion to her being tall.

Monday night Leah was feeling fine...and we tried giving her more of her birthday cake. She wasn't all that interested...but she ate a little:
Once again she seemed to dislike the texture of the icing:
Well, she didn't want to eat it anyway...but she did play with it again:
And rub it on her face...which she was very amused by:
So amused that she really tried her best to keep me from wiping it off:

And given her unhappiness caused by her stomach virus, we have no pictures from yesterday...this very sad picture from this morning is plenty of documentation of how miserable she looked...and this was taken while she was watching cartoons:

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