Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leah is a year old!

How am I old enough to have a 1 year old daughter?! But wait, this isn't about me. Leah turned 1 yesterday. She got gifts from Shafi and I in the morning. And then she had a birthday party at noon. I think she had a good first birthday.

She got some great gifts. We got her a little pink armchair with her name on it, a very big teddy bear from FAO Schwartz, and a little piano. She loved them all of course. And at her party she got all sorts of great gifts including a couple of riding toys, a bath toy, some musical instruments, some adorable clothes, crayons and paper, and various other great stuff.

We had 14 adults and 4 babies at the party. We had brunch - bagels and lox, quiche, and fruit. And of course we had plenty of cake. My mother and I baked 2 cakes - 1 that looks like a butterfly and another rectangular cake that we cut into 2 so that 1 was Leah's very own smash cake. Decorating all 3 cakes took a long time...but they turned out great.

Of course we were hoping that Leah would really dive into her cake...but she was a bit intimidated by it. She dunked her fingers in the icing and then wanted no more to do with it. We saved it for her...and we'll see if she's up for trying a bit more tomorrow.

And in honor of turning 1, her 8th tooth came in today. She's now got 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.

Leah sat in her new chair and Baba presented her new bear:

I brought Leah out after Shafi dressed her in her pretty party dress and combed her hair so nicely:Leah enjoyed showing off her new piano at her party:
Leah and Baba showing off their party hats:Leah needed some help blowing out her candle...but that's to be expected:
Hmm - Leah wasn't so sure what to do with it after sticking her hand in the icing:
Yay - Leah had a fun time at her party:Having lots of fun in the tub at the end of the day...and showing off that 8th tooth (and notice the Mom-styled baby mohawk):

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