Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My brave little girl

Leah had her shots on Monday. Since she was sick at her 12 month appointment we waited to get her scheduled immunizations until she was feeling better. We went in Monday and she got MMR, pneumonococal, and varicella vaccines.

She started the silent scream when the first needle went in...and continued while the next 2 went in. As soon as they were all done, the real scream came out. But it only lasted a few seconds. I gave her a sippy cup of water...and she calmed right down.

And luckily this round of shots didn't cause any reactions so far. Apparently the MMR can cause a reaction 7-10 days we're not out of the woods yet. But with previous vaccinations Leah was always tired and feverish for a couple of days after.

This was before she had her shots...but isn't she so cute giving Rusty kisses:
Monday afternoon (post-doctor's appointment) Leah used a friend's walker...and loved it:We tried using Leah's walker on Tuesday...but it was a no-go...we did get some practice on her riding toys though:She had a bit of a diaper leak Tuesday she got to spend a little time playing around the apartment sans-pants:Apparently she really likes going pants-less:

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