Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Milk please

Just thought I'd post an update on the milk situation. Yesterday I switched to 75% whole milk / 25% formula. It had been almost a week and the formula can was getting time to make the change...and in a week or so we'll be ready for just whole milk...accomplishing my goal of being on milk and being done with bottles by Leah's first birthday.

And even with the change yesterday, Leah almost finished all 3 cups of milk. I'd say she took about 7 of the 8 ounces of each. And she's definitely become a pro at the sippy cup. For some reason she won't hold it herself when it has milk in it...but she also doesn't choke when drinking it. She will only hold it herself - in fact gets upset if I try to hold it - when it has water in it - but she must drink too fast or something when she does that because she does choke a bit on the water pretty frequently.

She continues to be a pretty big eater, too. This morning she had a whole packet of oatmeal, a Kraft American single, and 2 strawberries. And she still took about 6 ounces of her milk about an hour later. And for lunch she had a Yobaby yogurt (peach), 2 strawberries, a handful of Cheerios and a taste of the lemon pepper salmon and cous cous I made last night. She was not a big fan of the salmon - took a couple bites and then spit out a couple after that. She didn't seem to quite get the cous cous either - pretty much just spit it out - as well as she could anyway. I also gave her a taste of the leftover leg of lamb I was having - spit that right out. She doesn't seem to be a big meat eater, but she's getting plenty of protein through dairy and such.

She had fun exploring her friend Theo's apartment at playgroup the other day:

And she likes to sit on the couch with me and read a book - just like a big girl:
And she's getting more and more into the shape sorter...she doesn't put the shapes through the sorter yet, but she does enjoy taking them out of the bucket and putting them back in:

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