Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where are your feet?

Yep - Leah's latest bit of observable comprehension - she knows her feet. I ask, "Where are Leah's feet?" and she grabs her feet. Such a smart girl.

Of course she doesn't do it every time. Much like her quacking and mooing, she has to be in the mood to show off her skills. But she's done it enough times that I'm confident it's not a fluke.

Today we went to Leah's friend Angelo's first birthday party. We all had fun. The kids played. The parents talked and ate and drank.

Leah had a front row seat for the opening of Angelo's birthday presents. And she checked out the cards after he opened them:

Angelo got some very cool presents:
And Leah had fun playing with the party favor after we got home:

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