Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leah is 11 months old!

January more month and she'll be a year! She continues to grow at an amazing rate. And her physical development is amazing to watch. Her dexterity improves every day. She's really starting to imitate a lot - talking on the phone, reading a book. She is imitating the "right way" to play with her new toys as we play with them in front of her. Of course it's fine with us if she experiments with playing with them in other ways - turning them upside down, throwing the balls instead of putting them in the hole at the top, reaching in the top to try to get the balls instead of taking them out of the bottom, chewing on books instead of opening them. But it's fun to see how quickly she learns things now. Even older toys that she didn't understand how to push buttons on she is now trying to do on her own.
And most astonishing to see is her rapid increase in comprehension and verbal abilities. She tries to repeat a lot of what we say. And she understands more words every day. Now if only I could get her to say "Mama"!
Leah enjoyed talking to Sebastian while eating his Cheerios at playgroup on Monday:
She rediscovered her bouncy seat - while standing in front of it:
She seems to have finally figured out that a hood doesn't come off by pulling forward - and she is now able to pull it off by pulling it backwards:
She loves shaking the roll-arounds that make noise - here she's got a bell in her right hand and a rattle in her left - and she's very proud of all the noise she's making:

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