Monday, January 5, 2009

Leah climbs stairs

We hosted this afternoon's playgroup...and as we were seeing everyone off in the hall Leah started climbing the stairs. There are 5 steps down from the elevator to the apartment. I had no idea that Leah knew how to climb them, but she got up on her feet and put a knee up on the next step - then followed with the other knee - stood up - did it again. I was very impressed. What a smart cookie!

She's also added a new "word" - she says "uh-oh." Now I'm not sure she knows the meaning of uh-oh, as she doesn't always say it at appropriate times. I've been saying uh-oh when she drops things or knocks things over or falls down, so she obviously learned it from me. But she just says it at random times as far as I can tell. It's still very cute. Her repertoire of sounds now includes quack (more of a qua sound), moo (which is really sort of a hummed b sound), uh-oh (she really enunciates that one quite well), and various sounds like bop and pop and dah-dee - none of which have we figured out whether she thinks they mean something.

She also recently figured out how to get down from the couch by herself. She turns around and swings her legs down. But she isn't quite doing it consistently. Sometimes she's in too much of a hurry and I pretty much catch her by putting a hand on her lower back until her feet are on the ground so that she doesn't crash backwards. And she's also not quite aware of her placement on the couch sometimes so that when she turns around to swing her legs off she's too far towards the edge, and if I didn't have a hand behind her, she would just topple backwards off of the couch.

And Leah continues to improve her finger walking skills. Her balance is starting to get a bit better. I think she may try to take a step or two on her own sooner rather than later...then again she still crawls awfully fast and isn't interested in finger walking very far since it's so much slower than crawling.

Leah loves sitting on the couch and reading - especially when Miss Monkey joins her:
Here she is on her way to get down from the couch...of course she had to stop to tell Miss Monkey a secret on the way:
Ahh, the face of the happy yet loud and ear-piercing squeal:

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