Monday, February 14, 2011

4 Teeth and a Birthday Party

Will officially got his 4th tooth today. The top front right tooth has been pushing the gums out for a few days and has now broken through.

Will is also starting to move around more and more. He goes from sitting to a hands and knees position - but he doesn't quite put the left leg all the way back - the foots sort of stays trapped in front of his right knee. I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose so that he can more easily get back into a sitting position. When he does occasionally get over that leg he ends up sliding down onto his belly - where he whines until someone helps him up. But his bending and leaning and sitting and reaching does somehow enable him to move around a fair bit - not quite across a room but certainly around an area - so he is able to get to toys that were out of reach.

He's also starting to pull up a bit more. He's not quite good at it yet, but he manages to get up on to his knees and then up to standing on occasion.

Yesterday we had Leah's 3rd birthday party. We booked the Beach Club, a little restaurant on Stanley Main Beach. They were very nice and kept things nice and simple. It was raining, so the party was inside, but there was plenty of space to hang out and play. We had chips and cookies and pizza to eat and beer, soda, water, and juice to drink. We had some balloons to play with and some markers and drawing pages (Disney princesses and Toy Story) to color. There were a dozen 3 year-olds along with their siblings and parents - for about 40 people total. And the Cinderella cake (bought, not homemade) was both beautiful and delicious.

It's been a week of birthday fun for Leah. On Monday we went shopping and opened presents. Posing with one of the dresses she got from family in the US:
Showing off her Snow White outfit - which she picked out on our shopping trip:
Showing off 2 Barbies and a Ken - also purchased on our shopping trip:
Wednesday I brought cupcakes to Leah's class at school - chocolate on chocolate, as per Leah's request:
Riding her new bike - her birthday gift from Mommy and Baba:
Ready for her party to begin:
The adorable Cinderella cake:
Brushing Bride Barbie's hair - a birthday gift from the birthday party:

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