Monday, February 7, 2011

Leah is 3! Will is 9 months!

Just a short update for today...will post more, including pictures, when I have a bit more time. Will turned 9 months yesterday - and got his 3rd tooth today (top front left). And Leah turned 3 years today. We had some friends over for dinner last night and they brought a little birthday cake for her.

And today I took her shopping. Since the shipping is so expensive from the US, she did receive a few small things (4 dresses, some stickers, a couple books and toys) but several family members gave us money to take her shopping with. All in she had quite a nice sum to spend - and it was no trouble dropping it all in one place. First we looked for a bicycle (Shafi and my gift to her) but decided to check out some other shops before buying. Then we went to Toys Club in Horizon Plaza - and she went to town! She picked out a Barbie bedroom/bathroom set that folds up into its own carrying case and comes with a Barbie, 2 other Barbies, 1 Ken, a Dora "laptop", a Snow White costume, and a few other trinkets. She was one very happy girl!

She had ballet class this afternoon, which she loved as always. And then we played at the American Club for a bit. After dinner I let her play with her new toys a bit...she was thrilled! In fact, while she usually drops everything when Shafi gets home, she could barely even look up to say hello. She was just completely entranced by all her Barbie goodies. I'm a bit afraid of what's to come!

Will is starting to get a little more mobile...but certainly not crawling yet. At least he seems to be getting the idea to move and to pull up - even if he hasn't actually mastered the skills yet. And he continues to be a very happy boy - so no complaints from this mommy - especially since he's been sleeping 12+ hours at night these days!

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