Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will can wave!

Life in Hong Kong has become status quo by now. We know our way around fairly decently. We have met more people. Leah consistently goes to school. Shafi consistently goes to work. Will sleeps & naps well. I am doing dragon boat with the Globe Paddlers, the American Women's Association team, as well as getting to the gym a couple times a week. We fill in afternoons with some classes and play time at the American Club, occasional trips to Ocean Park, various playdates, and sometimes just playing at home or popping down to the beach at the end of our block.

Today at just about 9.5 months, Will waved! We've been working on it - but while he had flapped his arms a few times at the right moment - he flaps his arms often in excitement, so we really weren't sure it meant anything. Tonight after getting him ready for bed and giving him his bottle, I told Leah and Nilda to say good night to Will. And I say "bye bye" and waved at them - he also waved his right hand at them and then got a big smile and little giggle - obviously quite proud of himself. We practiced it a few more times, and he consistently joined right in.

He's also getting around faster and faster - doing a cute sort of crab crawl - using his 2 hands and one foot to propel himself forward, sort of dragging his other knee and then sitting back down onto his bum. But when he has a target in mind - he can scoot all the way across the room in seconds. I think crawling may be soon - he seems to be getting the idea. And I thought he might walk first - but while he is cruising the furniture and finger walking - he is too timid to let go and stand on his own.

Will not quite crawling:
Will finger walking with Baba:Will stealing a rice cake from his friend Isabella:Leah playing with her new Play-Doh ice cream set:
Will trying out a ride-on car:

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