Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tooth #5

Will's 5th tooth has broken through - it is on top to the right of the middle 2 (which he already has). The left side is quite close...should be any day now.

Not a whole lot else to report. I got on the scale with him yesterday and he weighed in around 23.5 pounds...definitely a big boy. He's starting to eat more and more real solid food. He likes scrambled eggs. We've given him bits of whatever we're eating - hamburger, chicken, pork. Today he ate a small slice of Leah's pizza at lunch - which I tore into very small pieces for him.

He still drinks his formula like a champ - almost always finishing 3 6-ounce bottles a day. And he's started to be a bit better about drinking water from a sippy cup. In the next month or so we will move him gradually from formula to whole milk and from bottle to sippy cup.

Leah is fully potty trained now - but still has some accidents on occasion.

Both kids are sleeping pretty well - more or less through the night - although it's rare that one of them isn't up at some point.

More updates and pictures to come soon.

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