Friday, March 18, 2011

Uh oh!

Today Will began to speak! He's been babbling away for months now...but today while we were at a playdate with friends he said "uh oh." He said it more than once actually. Someone asked me when he started doing that...and I said "now." I was a bit unsure whether he was actually intending it or if it just sounded like he was saying uh oh. But this afternoon he dropped (maybe threw) a book and said uh oh.

Unfortunately Will also came down with a high fever today. Poor guy just wilted mid-morning. Wanted to be held - fell asleep in my lap - hardly ate lunch. After his nap his temperature was 102.6. He's been pulling at his ears a bit all week, so I was a bit concerned about that. I've been assuming it was teething related - but now with a fever I decided he ought to see the doctor.

Motrin brought the fever down a bit but not all the way. He was pretty miserable all afternoon. The doctor said his ears and throat were a bit red and inflamed, but not infected - so some sort of virus. She did a flu test and luckily it was negative. So we'll probably just be riding out the virus and trying to keep him comfortable for the next couple days.

Leah enjoying the warming weather:
A duet at home:
Happily roaming the apartment - crawling, pulling up, cruising - and loving it:
Exploring the playground:
Drumming with Raghav:

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