Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More teeth and more words?

Will definitely got his 6th tooth - on the 21st - no question there. But we're not quite sure if he's got more words. When anyone says "no" - including me, Leah, a random stranger nearby talking to her own child - Will says "na." He sort of spits the word out - a rapid emphatic usually loud quick burst - NAH! When I tell him no - because he's doing something naughty or going somewhere he shouldn't, he does respond - so I know he understands - but I can't tell if he is just repeating or if he is saying the word.

Ma and Ba are also commonly heard from Will - sometimes in multiples - mama, mamamama... But we have yet to decide whether he's using them to call us - or just babbling. On a related note, he started clucking a couple days ago - that click click sound you can make by popping your tongue down from the roof of your mouth. And he has rediscovered blowing raspberries. And he loves to let out random shouts - often at a high pitch - but not always. So our lives are a bit loud these days...but we're enjoying watching Will find his voice (although not always enjoying the listening).

Luckily Will's little virus passed in a couple days and he's back to his normal self. Leah had a dentist appointment today. The dentist, hygienist, and office staff were all great. Her teeth look good - they said to "keep doing what you're doing." But one thing I was not too surprised to learn - she did chip some teeth in her fall. I had thought that what Leah was describing as sand in her mouth after the fall might be bits of teeth - but I was fairly confident it wasn't front teeth - and nothing seemed to be continuing to hurt her after the injury healed. Turns out that she actually chipped 6 of her back teeth - 1 top and the others bottom. Luckily while the dentist described them as fractures, they are just on the tops of the teeth - no cracks and nothing that looks deep enough to bother the nerves. The dentist said that on a slightly older child she might try to put something on top of them to help seal them a bit - but that at Leah's age it would be a bit traumatic and she'd rather just keep an eye on them. But given all that, unless she's having pain, we don't need to see the dentist again for a year - plus go back in 6 months for a cleaning with the hygienist. And Leah was excellently behaved for the appointment - and happy to get a sugar free blue lollipop at the end.

Will's first ride in the Little Tikes car - loving it:
Tiger tiger burning bright:
Leah at the UJC Purim Carnival:
Leah dancing to entertain Will:

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