Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apparently Leah will eat green things...if you hide them in fruit

I finally got around to buying an avocado, waiting for it to get soft, and smushing it up to feed it to Leah. It was easier than I expected to cut open, peel, and mash. I'm a novice at avocado prep, so I was relieved.

Anyway, she ate a little on Thursday - made some funny faces and spit a lot of it out - and then after about 3 bites refused to open her mouth anymore. So I tried again on Friday. I thought maybe it was the texture, so I tried using my fingers to mash it up a little more and feed it to her with my fingers instead of the spoon. She ate a few bites...and then we were back to Leah spitting it at me.

So then I took a jar of pears and tried mixing that with the avocado - about a 50/50 mix - and a total of about 5 ounces of food - which is a lot. But Leah loves pears...and it worked. She ate the whole thing without a single complaint. I think next I'll try mixing peas with fruit and see if she will eat those that way too.

No pictures of the avocado eating...but some cute pictures of the last few days:

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