Monday, September 29, 2008

We have an "M"!

Yep - today Leah started to make an "m" sound. Of course she is making it randomly and not associating her mamamama with me. But now that she can make the sound, I can reinforce it and she'll be calling me in no time! I'm sure once she's doing it I will wish she would stop, but for now I'm loving the possibility.

She has already made "d", "t", "b", "p", "h", and "y" sounds - and all the vowels I think. There may have been a "g" or two and possibly a "c" or "k" - but none of that matters. It's just the "m" I was waiting for.

Happy at the park:
Exploring the grass:
Checking out the scenery:
Showing off her dirty knees after further exploration of the grass:
Naked Leah after the removal of her dress that was covered in dirt from the park:

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