Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hmm...maybe Leah is not ready for finger foods yet

After tonight's dinner we gave Leah some Gerber Graduates banana puffs. They're all the rage with the infant set these days. But apparently Leah is not among its fans.

She did pretty well picking one up off of her tray, but she dropped it on the way to her mouth. So Shafi picked one up and put it in her mouth for her. She immediately made a "yuck" face and shuddered. She continued to shudder as she tried to spit it out. Then she made a sort of gagging face and motion...luckily she did not spew, as she had just eaten 2 tablespoons of rice cereal and an entire jar of sweet potatoes.

She then didn't seem so interested in picking up any more. We gave her a couple more to see if she'd get used to the taste and texture. She didn't. Same reaction each time. I'm guessing it was more the texture than the taste that bothered her. But maybe in a couple days we'll try out the apple cinnamon variety and see. And next week I think we'll try a Cheerio. And maybe soon a teething biscuit.

I'm sure she won't eat only purees forever...so no real rush...but it is kind of fun to try new things with her.

Hmm...they look interesting:

I'm going to try to pick one up:
I think I'd rather spit it out than swallow it:
Hmmm...I know there's another one on my tray...but I think I'll leave it there:

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Dan said...

I think she's holding out for top sirloin.